reyes-jessica-profile I am a painter. I like to try things out. I was introduced to paint when I arrived at AS220 Youth but  have always liked drawing since as far back as I can remember.   Drawing and making art has just always been something that I enjoyed doing and I still do it because I enjoy it and there is always an urge in me telling me to make art.   I would describe my art as randomness. I paint whatever I am feeling. I hope it is something that will make people think and cause a reaction. I want to explore different techniques. It is always a process that I enjoy and get excited about.   What I hope to achieve with my art is to make a living. I admire people that are able to make a living out of things they love and are passionate about. And I hope to one day be able to do that. I want to grow and improve in my art and grow stronger in it.    

Jessica Reyes Visual Arts 2015

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Jessica Reyes Visual Arts

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