My name is Jesus Rj Nunez and I am a rapper. As a rapper I try to make my self go into this place called space. I feel like when I rap with my friends we can talk about things that effect people and our surroundings. I like to rap because I can express my feelings. Rapping also allows me to use and experiment with a lot of interesting words . I run this group called UNITED.Its really awesome.

I started at AS220 Youth about 4 months ago. I actually never knew what happens at AS220 Youth. Honestly, I always used to think “eww who goes to AS220? that’s a wack place”. One Friday afternoon my friends were like “lets head over to AS220” so we went, looked around and I noticed that they had a recording studio. We all said “we will all be in there someday”. I was like “heck yeah!”.

The Friday after that we were hanging out in the production room with Anjel aka Jelly. She’s really awesome. Out of nowhere she asked us “ Hey guys do you want to rap?” . We said “sure why not”. After agreeing to give it a try we all sat down, picked a topic that interested us and then began to write. A few weeks later we produced and recorded a song called “Rise”.

The music I create is always going to be about life, things around me and things that I think should be rapped about like emotions. I want people to understand what we are really trying to say, what we as teens go through and how much what we feel matters. I believe I can achieve this through rapping. I want people to react and say “wow that is a shocker” you get me?

Inspiration comes from the people in my life and musicians in the industry. One person in my life who inspires me is Amy Thomas. She’s a child specialist. She inspires me because she super helpful to kids and when I was younger she told me I was going be somebody when I get older. I’ve known Amy since 2005. On on music level, I’m inspired by Jay Z because of his flow.

I used to think about rapping as just hobby and then when I get to college, forget about rap and start my career. That all changed when I came to AS220 Youth. Anjelly taught me everything that I need to know and she also taught me to never give up because you will be some where. I will never forget her words. Don’t get me wrong,I still plan on finishing college but I also plan on being a good emcee and spreading my music with my group all over the world.


Jesus Nunez Visuals 2014

Jesus Nunez Visuals

Jesus Nunez Performance

Jesus Nunez Performance 2014