I was initially interested in art when I was introduced to video games and the life like images that can be created on a computer. AS220 has helped me improve my graphic art and model building. I have learned to use software such as Blender, Sculptures, and Photoshop, to help turn my ideas into reality. I also use a portable tablet called, Bamboo, to help draw out my ideas.


My goal in video game design is to create amazing action / adventure themed 3D games geared toward the general public. The things that make my work different than others, is my attention to story mod, interesting characters, and complex story plots. I want people to think my games are as fun and exciting as I do, and look forward to their comments and suggestions on how to improve my work. I am constantly learning new techniques to make my games more life-like and entertaining.

Johnny Philips Game design

Johnny Philips' Resume