cardona-kassy-ProfileImageKassy Cardona has been a member of AS220 Youth for three years. In that time she has become a painter, dancer, cook and more recently a photographer.

This past June she started taking photography classes at the AS220 Youth studio and has this to say about her experiences. “Over the past five months I have built a passion for photo. Spending hours and hours in the darkroom on my photos is tiring, but when it is finished it is so worth it. Photo brings me movement (I know that is crazy but it does!). It captures how I see and feel. It takes so many words to describe a photo, it takes millions and millions of words. A photo to me is amazing, especially my own. A photo says so much about a person. It is like looking through their eyes while triggering memories of my own. A photo does not die. It also shows something that the human eye cannot capture most the time. A photo tells a story of reality. It shows you something that will never happen again. It allows that moment to not be forgotten and it allows that moment to last longer than I will. Art is my life and has been in my life since I can remember. I know Art it is not going leave me.


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