My name is Kenny Vargas aka #KenTruth. I chose this because I started rapping at 11 and my first initial is K. My discipline is rap with a little mix of singing. I mostly like to rap. I started rapping when I was 11 years old because I was going through a rough time at a point in time so I picked up a pen and paper and started to write and rap. The sort of music I make is “true-skool” rap. Music that is focused on my life experiences. Out of everyone I’ve ever heard, 2 Pac inspires me the most. He speaks the truth and inspired me to speak my truth too. In the next 5 years I plan on dropping a few mixtapes and maybe performing for a big audience. In the future I hope to perform on major stages and collaborate with artists from all over the world.

Kayla Vargas Visuals

Kayla Vargas Performance

I wish I Neva had the life dat I had

I was really bad

I was sad but at the same time I was really mad

My adoptive mom really scared me

How could she, She really hurt me

Maybe it was meant to b

To her I’m probably meant nothin

But I’m glad I kno I’m something

Wat she didn’t kno dat I’m one of a kind

My rapping is so good ima let myself shine

As I sit here nd cry nd say goodbye to a who treated me lik sh-

She couldn’t even save my life a tiny bit

Even if she tried

If I ever see her again I wouldn’t even say hi

Again she treated me lik sh-

Kuz she thought I was a bad kid

To me if she really cared she would’ve Neva did wat she did

I know dat I’m stressed

Rite now my life is not the best

Now ima confess

Nd get all lot of shit off my chest

Nd try to wrry bout the past way less

Yhupp ur rite I wasn’t the greatest kid

I didn’t take a lot of shit from kids

Teenagers my age use to push me around

Nd I would frown

Nd now u kno y I’m so down

Bullies now a these days look lik clowns

Now dat I’m older I can brush things off my shoulders

Now dat I matured I look much bolder


Life can get better

Who cares bout the weather

Suicidal thoughts go away

Nd we take it day by day



I’ve over come my old ways

I have to take it day by day

I ask myself everyday am I really okay

I guess I’m not

I always have these suicidal thoughts a lot

I should try to sit down nd plot y

People tell me try to keep my head up high

Wen they tell me dat I jus sigh

I tell them I can’t kuz people let me down so many times

Nd dats y I try to make up my own rhymes



Life can get better

Who cares bout the weather

Suicidal thoughts go away

Nd we take it day by day