When I was very young and my Dad used to take me to lots of art museums and galleries.  While I stared at the photographs I started becoming very curious about how these pictures were made, whats the story behind this one image, and I questioned why this photographer took that picture.  I was very inspired by all of the work I was presented with. I had this dream to one day make photographs like these. Ever since that day I knew what I wanted to be when I got older. I enrolled in the AS220 Photo Mem program in January 2012 as an intern trying to learn more about Photography and what it really is.  I learned things,  such as how to work with a digital and film cameras and also how to develop and print pictures.  At the end of the program I was really glad I took it because it provided me with the knowledge of photography I was so curious about when I was younger. Some of the things I photograph are my family members and the environment. For me those are the two most meaningful things about the world.  One of the projects I am currently working on right now is the Green Healthy Homes Initiative. The purpose of this project is to show the government that it is a good program and should be spread  to other states and be better funded also.  I help by taking pictures of the people working and editing them in photoshop, which is something I have gained lots of skills in. I hope to maybe one day have my pictures up on some of the museums that inspired me to become interested in Photography when I was younger.


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