Leo Nava Visuals

Leo Nava Poetry

I am a pen-tactic cartoon, figure, and graffiti maniac that lets my music take partnership in my drawings. Every genre of music helps me concentrate depending on the piece I work on, such as the great Mos Def. He can help me draw a captivating silhouette that expresses more than just a outlined person with a solid fill, but a person with a hidden personality underneath all the ink. Shapes and their placement creates most of my cartoon characters. I start off with a line, connect the dots and build from that. Features and emotions do not hit me until I actually get to the points where it is expressed. I use both pen and Prisma markers to create many of my drawings. I believe it shows more detail and life to it. I can start a really good drawing in the back of my English notebook one random day, try to copy and paste it to my black book, but it will always remain unfinished, or as i like to say ” Not Worthy!” You can say I am an spontaneous artist that does what he does. I get wit wit it or I get got.

I started at an age where I could actually control a pencil instead of it controlling me. Paper was always available at my house and as a kid I ate, slept, and breathed cartoons. As it seemed that my dad had some skill and I sucked at art, I resorted to him to draw me all the cartoons I wanted. My world hit a 180 once he worked second shift. Who was there to draw me my favorite cartoons :(? That’s when I learned to depend on myself; since then I have drawn series of warped “It kinda looks like it” sketches until I became satisfied enough to show everyone that I made eye contact with.

The art I create can either make you really want to scratch your brain or look close enough to grasp in the grease stains from the pizza I ate the day before finishing or to grasp each line’s purpose in the drawing. If you were to look at all my pieces at once you would think it was a collaboration between many people with mixed personalities. I do not like to keep any of my pieces sane, sane in the world of art is another word for i BORING!

I incorporate at least some rareness in each one of my drawings, from maybe drawing a human being blue to an human-colored alien to maybe just a blob of ink that looks cool. If I were to describe my work I would say “Leonardo Nava” because my artwork embraces me just as well as a pregnant mother embraces her cocooned baby.

During this past year I have been using materials I would normally not. Colored pencil is a material I will be using a lot more as well as scratch boards, paints and much much more. I hope to master every media of art, and if you know your arts, there are millions of styles and ways to create art. That being said, I will be creating till I die and my corpse becomes my last art piece. One day I will choose what I love to do and keep progressing until I become a professional at it and share my knowledge with the world so that way my mind will live on in the minds of others.