C_Guerrero_Luis_Profile_Picture My name’s Luis Guerrero. I attend The Met High School. I intern at AS220 Youth w/ Nick doing sewing, Photoshop and screen printing. At AS220 I am currently working on patches and hoodies to sell to the public, and I’m learning the process of distressing jeans. I started to get into this last summer (Summer of 2014) when, I worked for AS220. The reason I joined was because I thought it would be interesting and fun to make clothing and it was something I have not known how to do before going there. At as220 I’ve made 2 designs one with a Keith Haring drawing with the word freedom under it and Popeye’s head and the word power under it. Another thing I started doing is embroidery. On a striped long sleeve I embroidered “DA$H” and the phrase “Gimme your Cash”. When I make clothes I just go for feeling or things I think would look nice on t-shirts, hoodies, etc. I feel like making clothes is just a hobby. Career wise I want to model for my favorite clothing brands.

Luis Guerrero Visual Arts