Hincapie_Manuela-profileI spent my childhood roaming around my dad’s ceramic shop in Colombia. My parents were always doing something interesting, from heating up wax to make candles, to painting eyes on ceramic figures. The empty boxes and thousands of papers around the house enabled me to have a sense of appreciation for every material that can be used as a gateway for self-expression. Being heard comes with an unmatched feeling of accomplishment. Art allows you to do just that; scream and be heard. When I write i feel as if I am possessed with multiple spirits. I love writing short stories and poetry because it allows me to create a new world with mere words. I have a blog (www.thecolorofparadise.blogspot.com) where I post poems about life. I also enjoy working on paintings and drawings using a variety of mediums (acrylics, watercolours, charcoal, etc). I recently started working with 35mm black and white film, and have gathered an exciting body of work since the summer. I am currently working on self-portraits, a lamp design (with pre-columbian patterns) that is going to get printed with a laser cutter, and some screen prints inspired by “Caresse sur l’océan”. Most of my art is inspired by indigenous art, other cultural ties and nature. Some artists that have influenced my work are Van Gogh, Josephine Wall amongst other artists. In the future, I want to be able to combine anthropological studies with visual arts to make communities around the world better.

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