I am just a simple person that has an interest in art, mostly video and drawing.


I started to feel an interest in drawing when looking at a street artist in Guatemala. He was doing some pencil drawings. I started to think that I want it to draw like him! I have been working since to improve my skills. I am interested in video was because I want to try new stuff.


When people see my art I want them to feel that they are in a place that they can relax, enjoy, and laugh a little.


My art is unique because I do it my own way. I’m working in a graphic novel called “TROUBLES”. It is a mythological action story. One of my dream projects is to help people to solve their problems by expressing themselves through art. Art will always be a part of my life because I want to be a psychologist or a therapist and am trying to help people trough art.

Miguel Azanon's resume

Miguel Azanon Resume