I remember making art at the age of six for a church sponsored program. Every summer all the children including myself would make art for an art show. We’d spend a few weeks drawing or painting. The adults in the program always encouraged me to continue to draw and paint. I never really understood why, I always thought my work was never good enough. But through other people’s eyes, my work was great. As I got older I began to lose my motivation in art. I didn’t want to draw anymore because I didn’t think I was good. When I was in middle school I met a lady named Caitlin. She was from City Arts and came to my school and helped in the art class and even had her own after school program. Caitlin and I talked about art and I even considered showing her some of my own artwork. When I showed her she thought I was a good artist. On my fourteenth birthday Caitlin had gotten me a sketchbook and markers and told me to continue making art and not to give up. That had really encouraged me to continue. Now I attend AS220 youth, here I do photography and painting. I love it here because I can draw and paint whatever I want with no restrictions. Usually at school I wasn’t allowed to draw certain things, but at AS220, I’m allowed to draw whatever I feel. When I draw or paint, I never plan on what to do. I never sketch out what I want to do I just go for it. If I’m feeling sad, ill grab some paint, papers, and paintbrushes and just start to paint. At times, if I’m feeling a certain type of way, I’ll use certain types of colors. If I can’t express the way I’m feeling by talking, ill express my emotions by painting or drawing. After I’m done with my paintings I feel much better about my artworks and myself. Finishing my artwork motivates me to do more.

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