Nentor Dahn | Artist Statement

dahn_nandor_profileWhen I hear the word dubstep, I think of communication through song and disoriented movement . By me dancing I’m interpreting the wild emotions given out by different dubstep music. Being a dancer is great and all, but I don’t see myself as a pro dancer. I dance for the fun of it and at this point of my life; I strive on the opinion of others so I know what my strong suits are and where I need to get better.

I think of dubstep as my canvas and my dancing the colors that paint a masterpiece or disaster. When I dance, I give it my all and if I mess up, I wont stop until its great.

I was introduced to As220 by a good friend Justin Espinal, I remember him watching me dance and asking me to come down to this art studio and enroll into the dance class held on Wednesdays. The day I stepped foot in as220 was a day to remember.  Just being in the presence of other kids like that, wanting to make their talents known and be proud of what they do.