What do you do? (Paint, Sing, Photograph, Print, Draw, Graffiti, Dance?)

What I do is mostly draw but I just recently started painting here and there but as of now I am doing photograph with my advisor Scott.

When did you start? Why? (How were you introduce? What caught your attention? Why do you still do it?)

When I started drawing I was about like 7 years old, the reason why I started was because of my dad, he showed me ways of how to draw that I thought wasn’t possible but he did, but I was introduce to As220 back in 2009 when I was still a student in Ucap but I just barely came because I always had to go home right after school. The one who actully incuraged me to go to As220 was Indira. What had caught my attention was that when Indira had told me that As220 was an art stuido that lets you do your own thing, it was what I wanted to do because I like to do my own thing in art without people telling me what exactly to do. The reason why I still do what I do is because art is apart of me it is who I am and what I will always be.

How would you discribe are in your own words? (What is you art about? Is there a theme, message, aesthetic that ties is all together? What are the feelings it evokes? How do you what the viewer or listener to react?)

How I would discribe art in my own words well what can I say if my words are stuck and I have nothing to say or can’t say it at all or yet can’t even express myself like I would want me to. My art is my words itself. My art tells my story my art is my message, theres no really telling what will happen until it happens.

What do you hope to achieve with your art/music? (Do you want to pursue this as a career? Do you plan on studying this in college? Will this be a hobby?)

Honestly I don’t know if art will be my career or what I want to study in college but I do know for a fact that if I don’t do any of that I will always bring art with me where ever I go because art has been there for when no one was.


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