My Name is Rakim Keel aka. KeelBeatz. I am an unsigned Hip-Hop R&B Producer and a song lyricist from Providence, Rhode Island. I am talented at making beats using my favorite program FL Studio 10. Although I have been making beats since I was kid, I’ve been using FL Studio 10 for about a year now. When I was young I had a keyboard and would spend most of my days making my own rhythm and trying to loop it every time. Before I started using FL Studio I would use Music Generator on Xbox, I experimented with Garage Band for Mac for a while before I found FL Studio 10. I started creating beats because I wanted to support artists that like to write music and can’t find producers. It is also my way of creating a safe environment away from politics & bullshit.

The type of instrumentals I create is mostly Eastcoast & Dirty South Music. I mostly listen to a lot of Dirty South music so a lot of their producers inspire me. One of my favorite Down South producers is Lex Luger. He makes beats for Gucci Mane, WakaFlackaFlame, and Rick Ross etc. He won IBM award for best hip-hop producer. Micheal Jackson is my all time favorite artist, other favorites depend on the mood I’m in. Nas is my favorite rap artist. I’m mostly influenced by people that work really hard because I myself am a hard worker.

“Amped” is the title of my first official Beat-Tape. I released it Spring of 2012. I also have two other projects called “Keel Is Back 1” and “Keel is Back 2” . In Fall of 2012 I released “Amped 2″ and am currently working on “Just Listen or Get Missin'”.

One day I wish to own a record label and make a lot of money marketing my music . I would also love to have my music played all across the world. My goal is to be the best producer who ever lived and make a good amount of money doing so.

Day and night I work on my beats. Ever since I started using FL Studio, which was like a year ago, I have been busy working on beats, it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is.


Rakim Keel Performance