I have been making artwork since 2009. At first I hated it, but when Gianna taught
me, I started to love it. I love making artwork. When I draw it helps my mind focus on that piece of art, and gets my mind off the streets and whatever struggle is going
on in my life.

I like to make interesting characters that no one has seen before. They are all original and different from anyone else’s. At first I start by making shapes, and as they hit my mind, I turn them into characters and everyone likes them. In the same way that each person is different than the next, I like to make each character starkly different then the next. I start with the face, and as I move on I think these shapes go with that face, and so on and so forth. Each character makes a different home in my head.

When I make a character and finish it, I put it aside, then I move on to the next one by thinking of the opposite features of the previous. For example if my last character was skinny and tall, I imagine one that is short and fat. I draw the characters because if I don’t, they’ll stay in my head. When I draw them out, I know they’ll stay on that paper and I can move on.

My main goal is to get these characters out there. They’re always popping into my head so I want them to be in everyone else’s too. Whether through tattoos or
stickers or in my art gallery or t shirts, I want them to be seen.


Sam Makor Visuals

Sam Makor Mural Project

Sam Makor Visuals 2014