Halliday_Shannon_profileI write poetry and other creative writing.  I write poems about the experiences I’ve been, people I’ve met and places I’ve been in life. I also write short stories that children could relate to. The short stories are about the confusing things that children sometimes go through, such as bullying. I would want a child to read one of the stories and receive the message that every dark tunnel has a light at the end.I was introduced to poetry by my grandmother when I was a little girl. She would read Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson poems to me at nighttime. One of my favorite poems is “Not To Keep” by Robert Frost. “Not To Keep” teaches me that while someone can be with you physically, at the same time they could be miles away from you, withdrawn or lost in their mind and spirit. As I became older, I remember thinking how cool it was that someone could write something and how it could be analyzed into a symbolic message or emotion. I continued writing poetry because it became my own way of letting out my emotions on paper. My poems are really just about the times in my life that I’ve had, both good and bad. Each of my poems is written through my point of view of things I saw or was exposed to. I don’t want people to look at my poems and see a bunch of words. I want them to be able to interpret them and read between the lines to see a strong message or emotion or theme showing through the poem. When the time does come for me to go to college, I know I want a degree either in social work or education. But I do know that whatever I choose to take a degree in, my poetry will definitely take a big part in it. Poetry has helped me get through a lot of rough things in my past and I know it will play the same role for my future.

Shannon Hallidays Resume