Stephanie Castillo



Stephanie Castillo Poetry

Where I’m From

I’m from the city where the smells of weed and sorrow take my place

where the answer to most problems is liquor to the face

trappin on the south we all got our place

music’s always been my mother, father, and son. i have a family but mentally they gone

you thought blood was thicker than water? you thought wrong

cus blood is a relative but loyalty is family

i got my circle and they forever ride wd me

my daddy locked up since i was 3

till this day i wake up with a thought..

will he ever be free?

im from a beneficial family cus even tho shit happens i know theyd be damned if anything happen..

to me, making music im just doing me

i got friends but my momma said i was born alone not wd 3

im from a city where everyone wanna make it

nobody wanna work hard but everyone wanna make it..

shit my only benefits in life its just to make it


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