I have always loved art. My favorite form of art has to be theater. I am so outgoing and full of energy that I think I could be perfect for drama. I love acting and being someone other than myself. It’s like creating an alternate ego because while acting like that person you get to feel like you are actually that person.


When it comes to photography I just feel like my pictures have so much meaning to them, and I love interacting with the people/world around me. The pictures I like to capture and focus on mainly are pictures of childhood happiness. I am inspired by the happiness of children, because I find it difficult to remember the memories of my own childhood. I remember life was hectic, but I loved every minute of it.


Every new experience for a child is exciting, and their reactions to these experiences are amazing and heart-warming to watch. I hope that throughout my pictures people can see this childhood happiness that I have so much passion for.

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