Zoegar-Uriah-profileHello people, my name is Uriah. I love drawing and painting and also graffiti. That’s what I love doing.

I started when I was 11. I used to watch my brother drawing and I was interested and I wanted to do something that was cool for me.

My art is about my life. What I see and do, I draw it. Also I draw my dream. For real thought. When I feel weak I do anything that comes in my mind.

When I’m drawing I like telling stories that come in my mind.

I want to sell my art and get money. I want to show people my art so that they know about me. I want people to ask me to draw for them.

When I’m drawing I use bright colors.

When I’m drawing I use a lot of characters and also I put scenes in it.

When I’m drawing I like using the whole canvas to make it full with a lot of different characters.

When I’m drawing on the canvas I make a background to make the picture look like its popping up.

When I’m drawing I do my own style. That way, people will recognize that it was my drawing.

Uriah Zoegar Visual Arts

Uriah Zoegar Visual Arts 2014