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Wilson Aguilar The main thing I do is dance. From there on comes filmmaking (video), and then other activities that I don’t do as much, which are photography, painting, piano, drawing, writing and guitar.

Around the beginning of the year 2012 a very good friend of mine Justin Espinal invited me to visit AS220. After being introduced to the dancing class, I found out about the rest of the programs they had. I was amazed, and became more drawn to the programs, especially video.
My art is something dear to me. No matter where and when, I will always continue to practice and perform my art. Whenever I’m moving my body to the rhythm of a song, or capturing space and time with a camera, my art will be representing a part of me. This also applies to the instruments of music and visualization such as painting, and drawing.

At the very beginning art was a way for me to relax, have fun, and enjoy what I create while creating it. My art went from an activity to a hobby to the point where it was part of my daily life, a part of me, my character. Now I’m deciding to pursue my love for video by working towards a Bachelor’s degree in video and audio production.

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Wilson Aguilar's Resume

Wilson Aguilar Resume