I enjoy painting because it lets me express my inner thoughts and emotions without having to say a word. I want my brushstrokes to tell a story or represent me in every painting.

When I was in third grade and intern in my art class videotaped me painting my very childish rendition of fish swimming in rivers winding between mountains. When I saw how much she had acknowledged my painting I felt inspired to continue painting.

I usually paint but I love to learn and try new mediums. I like to say that my art is unique and I want people to say “Wow, that’s weird” or “That’s different” when they see it. I’m not like other artists. One of my favorite quotes is “You laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at you because you are all the same”.

I will forever embrace my passion for creating art. However, my true dream is to become an architect. Whether or not I am successful in architecture, I will always be a successful artist in my heart.


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