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At AS220 Youth I am learning about digital and film photography, I also design clothing for the Afrofuturism class. I was first introduced to film photography in the photo mem class at AS220. When I entered high school I developed an interest in digital photography and started taking photos on a DSLR camera and really enjoyed it. I have friends who have made photography their career and when I realized this could be more than a hobby I decided to broaden my knowledge on this subject. I enjoy taking pictures because a photograph can capture a moment that could fade from my memory; by taking a photograph I can capture a memory that can last a lifetime. Through my photographs one can infer that I like to be surrounded by people by seeing the portraits I take of my friends. Many of my photographs also show that I like nature and architecture. I personally find art to be a form of expression where I can communicate emotions that I struggle to put into words. I would hope to do a minor in photography when I do go to college in a few years. It would be a dream if I could one day get paid for doing what I enjoy, photography.









Zuleika Ortiz Photography