Product Design: Summer 2013

Whoa, summer went by really quickly. We made so much! Kanema Miller was hard at work all summer, creating designs on Illustrator that ended up becoming a complete set of sign of the Zodiac pins, which were a hit at the Youth Booth during Foo Fest. Kanema used her excellent computer skills to help our team problem solve other projects as well.

Jen Leo spent the summer designing a deck of playing cards that featured her own illustrations of some of her favorite anime characters. Jen’s expertise and experience working in Illustrator and in screen printing were also a huge asset as the team worked to answer many questions regarding the design and making process.

Sam Makor drew, scanned, and adapted one of his trademark characters and created a varied edition of a beautiful screen printed poster. He also played a key role in designing the image for Zukrewe’s new t-shirt.

Ysanel Torres produced a line of t-shirts with hand-sewn sleeves and screen printed designs. Normally a painter, she’s recently been working with symbols and learning different line drawing techniques, which she worked into the two-layer screen printed pattern on her t-shirts. She also had her first experiences using Illustrator to touch-up and alter scanned hand-drawn imagery.

Angel Ballista, new to the studio, hit the ground running and produced a collection of drawings, one of which we used as the image for the Youth t-shirt, which was proudly worn by all on the day of Foo Fest. His excellent lettering and banner making came in handy for making signs to adorn the Youth Booth, too!

Erikson Candido worked side-by-side with Karen Orsi to help upload information to the AS220 Youth website, and also found time to work on a series of portraits of musical artists using Inkscape, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

And Johnny Phillips took to screen printing like a natural, printing gorgeous two color t-shirts. He worked a lot on adding to the AS220 Youth site with Karen and Erikson, and was always ready to help the team out, whether it was being the “clean-hands” in the printshop, or carrying paper back and forth from the Youth studio to the Mercantile Building.

The Production Design team had a lot of fun and worked really hard! You can check out all of the work we made on AS220 Youth’s online store, soon to be up and running!

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Product Design: Summer 2013

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