At AS220 Youth we know that success in today’s world partly revolves around one’s ability to understand, utilize and manipulate various forms of technology.  Both our Live and Visual Arts programs seamlessly integrate the use of current technology into the majority of AS220 Youth classes. While some classes like web development and graphic design have a blatant digital literacy  tie-in,  other AS220 Youth classes rely on both basic and advanced technological “know-how” and creative skill. For example, in order to create a hip hop instrumental, students in Digital Production learn software programs including Reason 8, FL Studio and Pro tools: the music industry’s standard platforms.  Students involved in Product Design learn how to transform their pencil drawings into graphic works of art that can then be screen printed on to t-shirts and then sold on the AS220 Youth shop – a word press site that our own students create and maintain. In laser cutting class, students use fabrication tools to create 3 dimensional futuristic train cars, vinyl stickers and earrings . Using online search engines, downloading and converting instrumentals that can then be attached to an email and shared with students in remote locations are all skills acquired in MC Writing classes.

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