AS220 Youth is pleased to present our latest issue of The Hidden Truth, our very own all-original literary magazine. This issue is unique: it’s all about myths. Yes, myths, as in Gods and Goddesses (see: Brian A’s , “Anubis”); yes, myths, as in ‘Is Bigfoot real or is he a myth?’ (see: Lener M’s , “Bigfoot vs. Baraka”); yes, myths, as in ‘The myth of how this thing came to be’ (see: Ariel B’s, “The Jaguar”). But it’s even more myth-y than all that.

We got the idea for this issue after spending an amazing week here and at the Training School with Alchemy, an organization from Akron, Ohio,  with “a mission to assist urban adolescent males to develop a sense of personal purpose in life, while utilizing strategies to successfully function as members of a family, school, community and world-at-large.” They do this, not-coincidentally, by telling and re-telling myths.

We found that myths help articulate problems we all face, that myths hold many perspectives at once, that they have imagery as potent as a painting or a music video. We took this sense of a story-held-in-common as the jumping off point for this issue. So we mean myths as in Gods, myths as in Bigfoot, and myths as in ‘how?’—but we also mean myths as in everything we have in common. Please feast your mind on THE HIDDEN TRUTH.

Featuring contributions by the students of the RITS, Abner, Ariel, Billy, Brian, Bryan, Carlos, Chris, Dalien, Daphnie, Eileen, Elizabeth, Indira, Kassy, Kyle, Lener, Matt, Michelle, Nick, Roberto, Ronya, and Yaniri Download The Hidden Truth: Myths Edition (PDF) The Hidden Truth is a literary and arts magazine featuring work from AS220 Youth members, students at the Rhode Island Training School (R.I.T.S.) and the Urban Collaborative Accelerated Program (UCAP) middle school. Learn More about The Hidden Truth>

The Hidden Truth: Myths Edition