AS220 Youth’s Video Game Design program offers youth workshops in 3d modeling, character design, and game integration.  They develop characters and narratives for new games and create assets that can be used as mods on existing games.

Although completed portfolio projects are digital, our game developers start with pencil and paper. They practice their figure drawing skills and sketch out their ideas. Wacom tablets are used to bring the images into Photoshop, where they color, texture, and details are added.

The freeware programs Blender and Sculptris are used for 3D modeling. Youth learn how to fuse geometrical shapes and then carve out characters and assets.

Youth utilize the game engine Unity to learn about environmental design. Many morbid moonscapes have been created as future battlegrounds of our robot overlords.

Participation in these workshops can help youth decide what area of video game design they want to enter (environmental or concept art, animation, rigging, etc). Youth develop technical vocabulary and the analytic skills necessary to see games’ underlying architecture.