Summer Employment Update: Collaborating with Karina Puente

This week the Murals Crew started an exciting once in a lifetime project with current AS220 Artist In Residence, Karina Puente.

“Puente is a Mexican- American fine artist based in Philadelphia, PA and has been represented by galleries in California since she was sixteen.” She’s been a member of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Project, and has collaboratively created hundreds of mural in Philly throughout her career.”

Here at the studio, Karina is teaching a workshop employing the”projection method”– a way of transferring images to create large scale murals. The process involves taking a photo, then using digital projectors to trace the images on parachute paper making it easier to paint. The large transfer images can then be pasted on exterior walls using special glue.

This week the crew started off by taking photos of one and other that then become black and white self portraits. Yesterday was spent cutting and measuring the mural cloth, then heading over to AS220 Industries to project their photos in the Media Arts lab. Things are moving along….

The team will be displaying the real deal portraits in July 31st. Learning this method will equip the murals crew with skills/resources to create large scale projects in the community. That being said, we are VERY excited to be working with Karina and can’t wait to see how this project turns out!



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