Summer Employment Week 3: Awesome Happenings Happening!

During Week #3 of AS220 Youth Summer Employment, I noticed that there are a lot of cool things happening around the studio. I went to every program of the studio to find out what they have done this week and this is all I get for being nice.


Apparel Design

After getting some modeling tips from Charlene, we worked on 2 modeling video shoots for our kick-starter video. We shot some video inside the studio for our kick-starter as well. We screen-printed two-color shirts of Sam’s “heat” design to sell at foo fest. We also did some photoshop designs and printing for our street wear line. We took a trip to Lorraine’s fabric store in Pawtucket.



This week we worked on a series of paintings and put the finishing touches on accordion books. We scanned & formatted a bunch of food creatures that the whole studio worked to make. This will be part of our “Monster Cookbook!!!!!!”


Murals Wk#3

We have been working for the DHS sketches. We had a meeting following up B.T.S for potential mural.


Communications WK#3

Week 3 of summer employment has been a blast! After 2 weeks of intensive training in graphic design, HTML, WordPress, we are getting’ busy creating content for the soon to be unveiled new AS220 Youth Website. Our graphic designers have been transforming their sketches for program logos and digital badges into vibrant vector art! We’ve been finding new ways to share the story of the studio’s goings-on through video production & blog writing. We’ve also learned a whole bunch about trouble-shooting while exploring the depths of WordPress, HTML coding, and dream weaver. It’s been a busy week and we’ve created so much amazing artwork and content to be proud of!



Photo has been working hard during week 3 on their project with the Providence Animal Rescue League for more information, click here!

Stay in tune for updates from the Performance program!


-Blog by Brian Almonte

Summer Employment Week 3: Awesome Happenings Happening!

Summer Employment Week 3: Awesome Happenings Happening!

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