Digital Media Blog: Propaganda Posters

Digital Media apprentices have been learning about the art of propaganda and creating some of their own to apply their Photoshop skills. Check out this work in progress by TA Allam Mella.

Music Blog: ZuKrewe DOH Performance // Vietnam

GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!!!   As the new week began over at the studio, we started are focus on the songs for are performance at the DOHRI (Department Of Health of Rhode Island) summit located at convention center here in downtown Providence. Within practicing the set for the show, I began establishing different songs based on…

Digital Media Blog: Practicing Camera Movements

After last week’s reflective classes around planning, we were so pumped to get our hands on cameras.   We started to wrap our minds around some different ways we can create compelling storytelling through framing and camera movements. After these brief discussions– we grabbed ahold of the cameras and practiced these different techniques. Rehearsing the…

AS220 Youth at Foo Fest 2018

AS220 Youth’s Zukrewe rocked the main outdoor stage, and the street, at AS220 Foo Fest on Saturday, August 18th! After a few hours of wild weather – wind, rain, thunder, and lightning – plus clean-up and drying the stage and equipment, power was restored outside and Zukrewe ushered in the second half of the festival….