AS220 Graphic Design Team Geniuses

Our Youth Summer Employment Graphic Design team is creating t-shirts and vinyl stickers to sell at  Foo Fest on Saturday August 11, 2012. The theme, for the shirt is ‘Choose Art’ meaning choose art over money, choose art over fame, just to choose art over everything and stay creative! The hard working team members are Chan Khunpasee, Kanema Miller, Yarmiler Lopez, and Eugene Petty. The coordinator is Gaby; she is very smart in what she does and an amazing teacher! Yarmiler said that this summer, “I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator, not to drink soda, and how to be on time.” Yamiler’s t-shirt design is a tank top with a girl with really crazy, curly hair. Chan, who is designing a t-shirt for the Youth Staff to wear during Foo Fest, said, “I learned how to use Adobe Creative Suite and my favorite part is working during the summer.” Chan’s shirt design has a coin on it, representing that art is worth more than money. Eugene said that this summer he learned how to work together with other people at a work place and how to complete task with others.

Besides working on t-shirts they also have been putting together the AS220 youth online store, designing CD covers, and creating unique vinyl stickers to sell at Foo Fest. They have also been working on completing their graphic design skill sheets so that they can be the first to earn their badges that they will receive when they master a skill (see photo below of the badges).

By Gladymar Villegas


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