The Last Week: AS220 Youth Summer Employment

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This is week is an awful week not just for me, but a lot of people that love to work at AS220 Youth! This is because it is the last week of AS220 Youth Summer Employment. I went around the studio asking people how they feel about their experience  and what they’ve learned over the summer.

For me it was me one of the best experience in my life because I got the opportunity to work with an awesome team, work with my mentor doing what I love to do. My favorite thing that I learned was how to do more Graphic Design.

Carlos: “It was Great. I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.”

Jeremias: “It was great. I learned that computers can make you a little blind, but it was awesome.”

Catherine: “It was a great experience, I’m glad i got the opportunity to work here. I learned so much on web development especially on WordPress.”

Justin: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” “I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator.”

Kanema: “Happy, Great, Easy!” ” I learned how to use WordPress.”

Jen: “Good, kind of easy!” “I learn more About Photoshop.”

Edwin: “Enjoyable fun an amazing great time!” “I Learned  how to work as a team, work together, social skills, photo skills, and technical skills.”

Nou: “It was fun i had a great time!” ” I learned software skills, technical skills, photo, and working with others.”

John: “I had fun and felt accomplished.” “I learned better camera skills.”

Kyle: “Lots of cool stuff setting done.” “I learned marketing.”

Esther: “It was fun. We made super cool shirts and I got to tie-dye a lot!” “I learned screen-printing, markerting and how to make a swirl pattern with the dye.”

Fernando: “It was awesome! Starting my own business and screen-printing a lot.” “I learned bussiness and markerting.”

Kevin: “It was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life and career. Thank you AS220!!!” “I learned business, work ethic and screen-printing.”

Rashon: “I feel grateful and honored because it was a great experience and opportunity and I made some life long friends.” “I learned how to make music.”

Matthew: “I feel blessed to be a part of AS220 Youth’s Summer Employment.” ” I learned how to not settle for mediocre rhymes.”

Patch:  “AWESOME :-) !!!!” ” I learned how to get professionally made STICKAS!”

-Blog by Brian Almonte

The Last Week: AS220 Youth Summer Employment

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