From Anthony Viera:

This week in the visual arts room we had a lot going on.

Darrell Kinsell is here from Pittsburgh creating art with the youth for the upcoming play A Furtive Movement, including banners, posters, and other visual elements. Darryl has also been using his art focused experience working around social justice and race to help apprentices research the systems they are taking on for upcoming Futureworlds project; which for us in the visuals room are the systems built around immigration.

Ant continued to teach art classes on Tuesday and Thursday with the youth members. On Tuesday classes were focused on drawing, and transferring images from one medium to another using only the grid technique (to build hand eye skills, as well as working in steps and developing a creative process). On Thursday in class the students used their illustrations again by transferring them to canvas and working on painting (we are still mostly learning how to properly mix their desired colors and pre-plan or sketch compositions before laying down paints). Overall, we had a productive week despite unusually low attendance.

Alex (intern) has been creating some amazing work and producing on a regular basis, Andrew (youth member) hit his stride on Tuesday and really produced an extraordinary rendition of an exotic bird (realism, pencil) and Adaline (youth member) has finally found the motivation and creative spark to come in and focus on creating.

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