Nowell Leadership Academy Arts Week

NLA Arts week happened last week with a new twist: around 80 NLA students from both Capital (Providence) and Central (Central Falls) campuses spent the entire week at AS220 Youth and Industries. Students had the studio to themselves and it was an exciting week of art making, performances and learning.

The week was capped off with a showcase of work that was made throughout the week. Students presented photography they shot downtown and edited with Allam. Others worked with A.M. and Chris to complete their own song, learning skills from writing to beatmaking to mixing. A dance team of students and NLA staff performed a routine to The Weekend by SZA they learned with Saulo. Nick, Vatic and Olivia worked with visual artists to create personal paintings ranging from cartoons, babies and loved ones. A group of students spent the week at AS220 Industries building on maker skills they started last Arts Week with Kyle, Katie, Edwige and Industries members. They presented silkscreened apparel, laser cut purses and more.

Over all, Arts Week was a huge success with testimonials from students and staff that really enjoyed the change of location and the immersion at our studios. We look forward to the next Arts Week!

Photos by A.M. Ant Andrade and Katie Gradowski.