Digital Media Blog: After Effects Animations

We’ve had an awesome couple of weeks in After Effects Class! Our first few weeks of classes have been an introduction to creating basic animation. Week 1 was purely exploratory– we made some shapes and experimented with different ways we could get them to move, spin twirl, expand, etc.
Weeks 2 and 3 we started to delve more into creating an animation around a relatively simple prompt:

1.  Create a traffic light, complete with flashing colors.

2. When the traffic light turns green (or orange/ purple/ black/ whatever color symbolizes “go” in your creation) a car will drive on through– complete with spinning wheels!!

This project allowed us to gain a little more insight into how to take a creative prompt and work through the creative process to make some fun moving images. We learned about keyframes, timing, basic effects parameters and some ways to use Adobe After Effects in tandem with Adobe Photoshop.

–Ryan, Video Instructor