Music Blog: Winter Reflections

This session was a difficult one, but difficulty comes with fun. through it all we learn songwriting fundamentals and learn to master them in conjunction with how to be great performers. how to hold the mic correctly. Give the crowd the right eye contact and to control the crowd all the types of things. What makes Your favorite artist so great why is Michael Jackson so great simply because of a moonwalk or because he put the work in to make the show look that much better and that’s what we were covering this last session. Everyone’s grown within their own way everyone that raps, sings, speaking, or just even being confident and within all that we accomplished something so those were the highlights of the session.
We performed about three times over the session we have a lot of performances coming up future worlds is almost coming up and we’re excited about that, we’re already halfway done with the process and that’s all because of all the apprentices. We’re going to complete the project on our side before May.
I’m excited about that as well to see how the score is going to come out in conjunction with all the music and see how all the different crews turn the music into visuals, paintings, and backdrops. All the apprentices from the music program can do scores for anything at this point because they understand what it takes to stir emotions, how to grasp those emotions, what sounds need to be there, what instruments need to be played, or if there need to be a rumbling sound effects does there need to be a storm sound effect those are the things that we went over and I feel like our score is going to be quite great and I’m excited to see what we’re going to accomplish everyone needs to look forward and get ready for something amazing.

Chris La Salsa
(Music Coordinator)

Photo by Dave Dvorchak.