Music Blog: Unity, Community, Hip Hop

On Monday May 6, 2019 I was invited to perform at the Hip Hop Chess Club second year anniversary. The Hip Hop Chess Club is an program out of Providence, RI where youth can come every Monday from 6pm-8pm. Youth learns the fundamentals of Chess and how the game personifies life, with the constant need of organization and strategy it embellishes the challenges we face in life. In Conjunction with Chess Youth also learn about the History of Hip Hop and how the culture molds us everyday. The founder Eric Mercado who is also an Taino Chief, feels if the youth have the support now it can’t change the possible outcomes of growing up in the inner city and manifest positivity into their lives. The Performance Program showed love to the event. Myself and the Dance Coordinator Saulo Castillo supervised but we came to the realization that this was their neighborhood already, South Providence. The Youth danced, sung, and laugh. This site was rare in the South Providence area. An area plagued with drug sales and gang violence. At least there was peace on that day, at least there was Hip Hop.

–Chris Senice, Music Coordinator