Digital Media Blog: NLA Arts Week Photography

Last week was the final Arts Week of the school year for Nowell Leadership Academy. Students from both campuses came together AS220 Youth to earn their last art credit. There was impressive work from all crews at the showcase. Photographers worked with teaching artist Ant Andrade with help from Allam Mella, Olivia Watson, and Efrel Solares throughout the week. The weather stayed nice most of the week, which meant lots of outdoors photoshoots. Later in the week, photography crew came inside to explore the basics of Photoshop. Check out some of their work from the week in the gallery below!

The work below was created by student artists of NLA, including Ana S., Gabriel P., Isnelda M., Jan P., Morgan R., Naemmy D., Soimaya G., Stephania C., and Zachary G.