AS220 Youth @PVD Fest

AS220 will be at PVD Fest this Saturday! Our space is in the lot behind TAPA and the Dark Lady (Snow St. and Moulton St.). Youth maker fair starts at 12pm and the Youth stage is 6-9pm.

Youth Makers: Buddha Tamang, Keely Indago Juniper Fae, Ruby Lopez, Zay Rosa, Alee Breto, Isabel S. Acevedo (BROKEN), Ronila Strew, Roumel Reaux, Javie Hamel, Isaiah Dorman, Ashanti Stevens, Desmond Andrews, Jorgie Pashalian, Nadya Sotski, and AS220 Youth.

Youth Stage: Reign Mercedes, Jay Lew, Marley Man, Lost King, Chey Town, M’$, Alex the Blue and Lex, MC, Mylo, AS220 Youth Dance