My Summer at As220

Greetings, everyone! My name is Nicholet , and I’ve been working at as220 as a summer admin for a few weeks and so far I feel at home. The environment here in this small studio is just so heartwarming, I’m glad to be apart of this little family.

Well, enough about me, let’s talk about these amazing people working hard behind closed doors. I came up with the idea to creep around and take pictures and videos of everyone in their “grind time” then asked them to give me words to describe the process of making their new play, FutureWorlds V, come alive. I got amazing responses.

We have three major groups : visuals, music, and dance.

With the visuals team the words I’ve gotten was intrigued, motivated, and of course passionate. I also asked what small project that they’ve been doing made them feel this way and it was doing Repeated Patterns and making Canvases. The reason they said this was because it was a one on one task where they could go all out and share ideas. 

The next one up is the dance group, and their words were: “A non-ordinary new experience”, they kept it short and simple because they had to get back to work, just wait and see it in person on Aug. 7th-9th, I promise that you’ll love it. 

Last but not least is the music group, these young souls are the backbone to this play coming together and I had to listen closely to them as well and they replied with “ this whole thing is a trial and error experience” and feeling like an organization here. 

This may not be a lot but being here in person,surrounded by these wonderful people, and sharing the biggest thing in common is the greatest thing; ART.