Daby Award 2019: Carlos de la Rosa

On August 6, AS220 Youth alum Carlos De La Rosa was presented with the William K. Daby “Find Life’s Surprises” Award. This $1000 award is given to a photographer in the AS220 Youth community each year to support a passion in photography.

Providence based photographer Carlos De La Rosa was born in New York City and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. He learned photography at AS220 Youth in downtown Providence. Most of his work revolves around peoples stories and how he can portray that in a photograph. He works primarily in analog black-and-white photography and develops and prints his own work. Over the years, he has shifted from photographing his life to the lives of others, making sure those who have stories to tell are heard and acknowledged. Carlos is influenced by the people around him; the people that are in his stories, his family, his parents, his friends and mentors and his past projects.

Dot Daby presenting the Daby award to Carlos de la Rosa
Photo by Dave Dvorchak

The award is presented by Dot Daby in memory of her husband, photographer William K. Daby. Daby was an award-winning photographer for the Providence Journal who had a passion for the next generation of photographers.. The award helps support the development of youth photographers in RI. You can donate to the fund here.

Carlos can be found at iamdelarosa.com and on Instagram at @iamdelarosaa