Shepard Fairey of OBEY – mural and talk at Youth

Youth members with artist Shepard Fairey

AS220 Youth members got to meet Shepard Fairey, the artist behind OBEY clothing, the Obama “Hope” poster, and more. He shared his story and answered questions from members. Shepard Fairey was in town to paint his 100th mural last week in downtown Providence. The mural is of AS220 Youth’s own Anjel Newmann (current Director of Programs of AS220)! Here’s what he had to say about the image:

“This print is a portrait of Anjel Newmann, Director of Programs and Youth Director of AS220 – a non-profit community arts organization based in downtown Providence with whom I’ve worked since the 90’s. AS220 is important to me because they have cultivated a creative community that continues to have a profoundly transformative impact on the city. I’m inspired by Anjel’s dedication to this organization, where she’s been a member since she was 13 years old, learning from a diverse set of communities and facilitating access to opportunities for young people across the city of Providence. Thank you Anjel and #AS220 for all that you do for the people of Rhode Island!⁠” 

-Shepard Fairey

Along with an array of events in collaboration with AS220 and RISD, we’re glad Shepard was able to come by and we’re proud to get to see Anjel’s face in the mural.

screen printed image of the mural created by Shepard Fairey
Limited edition screen printed version of the mural.

The mural is located at 91 Clemence Street. “Facing The Giant,” his 30 year retrospective show, is also up at 233 Westminster Street.