Visuals Blog: MassArt Portfolio Reviews

MassArt Admissions Officer Jenn Recinos gives a presentation on the college to youth members in the visuals room.

It’s college application season and several youth members are interested in applying to art schools, one of which is Massachusetts College of Art and Design AKA MassArt. Just down the road in Boston, MassArt has a variety of fine arts majors to choose from.

Jenn Recinos, an Admissions Officer from the college, visited AS220 Youth to give an informative presentation about what the college has to offer and give portfolio reviews. These portfolio reviews help artists get feedback on whether their artwork is college ready. Below, Apprentice Ronnie Strew gets feedback on her paintings from Jenn.

Visuals Apprentice Ronnie sits next to several of her paintings, gesturing to one and explaining it to Jenn, who is observing Ronnie's work for a portfolio review.