Alumni Spotlight

Julissa P. Disu

“My first experience of being surrounded by women of color empowering other women of color outside of my home was when AS220 Youth’s mentoring group for young women, “Broad Street Sisters”, still existed. It taught me things like self-advocacy and self-love; I learned that I could be myself without judgement, something a lot of adults still struggle with. I was part of a community that became family, and it was a safe space for me to just be. AS220 Youth was also the space where I navigated the world of applying for college while in high school, wrote my college essay, strengthened my resume skills, and had support from staff. Now, as grant advisor for youth summer employment programs across the city — including AS220 Youth — I’m able to contribute to my hometown in a different way, providing opportunities for young people to grow, thrive, and create experiences that will shape their futures.”

Julissa is the Grant Advisor and Youth Program Manager for the Governor’s Workforce Board’s “Real Skills for Youth Rhode Island” program and an AS220 Youth alum. If you participated in AS220 Youth programs, take our Alumni Survey!