NLA Crew Blog: Arts Week

NLA Apprentice Crew 2020

We definitely wrapped up one of the best Arts Weeks today with Nowell Leadership Academy bringing their talents, skills and a lot of hard work over the course of the week. NLA Apprentices (pictured above) did their work hours at the Downtown studio, coming in each morning to work on their art assignments.

Students worked on their photography skills with A.M. and TAs Allam and Efrel. All the photos in this blog were taken by the students!

Apprentice Lily alters a pair of pants.

Apparel students worked with Natalie to make scrunchies, bags, and more!

One of the highlights of this week was the painting of a new mural for the Psychic Readings room, which has been under construction the past couple of months. Ysanel led her group in painting this fresh mural!

This was Chachi’s (center) last Arts Week! He was a huge advocate for Arts Week and the students and we wish him well as he moves on to a new position at Shea High School.

Music group created original beats with Devin and recorded tracks they had ready with Atto. We got to hear a few of the finished tracks at the showcase.

Alize works on a new acrylic painting

Students also worked over at Industries with Simcha and TA Keely on screenprinted and heat transfer apparel. Everyone loves taking home a custom t shirt! The visuals room was busy too, with individual painting and mask making with Miche’le for the NLA masquerade themed dance.

Just a few highlights above from an amazing Arts Week!