Art Kits Available This Thursday

Thursday 12-3pm at AS220 Youth 115 Empire StreetA

Bored already? Got projects you want to finish? Come get a free kit from us this Thursday! Kits include art making supplies, some basic needs supplies, and a snack. We will give you a RIPTIK to get home. Apprentices may be required to get a kit, so check with your supervisor. For everyone else, this is an optional opportunity!

If you have special supplies requests (small things, like needle and thread, notebook, etc) or things in progress you need to pick up, send me an email before you come to the studio. If you left a personal item upstairs, please let us know in advance. We will not be letting people hang out at the studio. Kits will be grab-and-go at the door. Bring a bag if you can. We will only be at the studio 12-3 so please do not come late or early.

– – –

We hope everyone is staying healthy and practicing social distancing! Doing this may be what makes the difference for folx with compromised immune systems and the elders in your life. Look out for yourself too: If you need assistance with basic needs, please let me know!
Finally, hopefully everyone knows about the free lunch sites for Providence schools. We are sharing ongoing resources and updates on our IG and FB pages.
Take care!