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I’m Alive by Daniel Baya 4/9/20

I’m alive and i’m breathing 

Maybe I’m here for the right reason

All my life i’ve taken a beaten 

But i’m still unbeaten 

I grew up a little too fast 

I was just trying to run away from my past 

Eventually that shit caught up and whooped my ass 

Shit, I just look back and laugh 

I grew up to love others 

That’s the reason why I have childhood brothers

But loving myself? I’d rather swim in cold waters

I hate understanding myself 

But not understanding my mind

I understand why I cry 

I don’t understand my own lies 

I even hate my own eyes

Fuck i know i’m stubborn 

They keep trying to push me

I’m burning rubber 

My thoughts are cluttered

It was me and 4 others with a single mother

I parted away cause it was getting harder 

I tried different options

Look at me now

I live with my father

It’s funny how life works 

You get your feelings hurt

All that pain returns 

Except without the hurt 

Even though the pain is there

It’s not as painful here 

I’m thankful to be here

If it wasn’t for giving myself 

A second chance

I’d hate myself

And that wasn’t the plan

I’m now a man 

I’m a future fireman 

I’m alive and i’m on fire

I guess i am a fireman

-Miche’le Fontes, NLA Site Manager