Black Out Festival @ Pronk!

The Black Out Festival is an AS220 Youth organized Performance Based Protest in support of defunding the police and divesting funds into anti-racist arts organizations.

In collaboration with Pronk mini Festivals this year, this event will consist if art installations, performances, free food, and community.
Meet us at the Haus of Glitter Performance Lab, ( Esek Hopkins house/park) and help our youth fight police brutality and bring light to the ways we as a community can better ourselves through art.

Get your Tickets now! You can find a link on the @as220youth Instagram page.

This is a social distanced event. Maintain physical distancing of 6 feet or more.

Masks must be worn, at all times.

Upon arrival all attendees must be screened for COVID-19.

If any person displays any of the symptoms or falls ill, they must leave immediately.