Spotlight: GreenHaus Project

This fall, AS220 Youth has been excited to join this collaboration to expose our members to in depth learning and love for the environment! “An intergenerational creative teaching and learning space. A collaboration between AS220 Youth, Haus of Glitter, and Movement Education Outdoors, we are encouraging safe outdoor programming and a COVID-safe space for Youth to be in community and to learn creative survival skills.As a continuation of our Outdoor Activities in the summer, Youth apprentices gather in the Liberation Garden at Haus of Glitter Performance Lab to learn how to connect with racial and environmental justice in Rhode Island, about the art of Earthwork, how to plan, build, and maintain a COVID-safe greenhouse, and how to care for vegetables and ancestral herbs as part of a city-wide community garden initiative for expanding urban agriculture in The City of Providence.”
–AM., AS220 Youth Visuals and Media Arts Manager, Haus of Glitter Artist
“I learned some things about re-potting plants I never knew before. And I’m glad I get to take all these plants home!” -Efrel

“It almost felt like an educational shopping experience for medicinal herbs. I loved it.” -Asialiah