A Game Design for Futureworlds

We’re excited to highlight a recent project by one of our Apprentices in Visuals + Media Arts, Joshua. Joshua is creating Futureworlds video game! He got his inspiration from his love of classic video games, so he decided to make an Asteroids type game in response to the fact that the FutureWorlds this year will be based on BanderSnatch’s alternative timelines, as the aesthetic and gameplay was chosen to feel like you were coming straight from the early 1980s. Joshua plans on adding multiple versions of the game, to reflect multiple eras and how games evolved over time to have HD and realistic graphics and sound compared to the 4-bit aesthetic of the currently released version.

Joshua has also started an AS220 Youth game design club that meets virtually to develop and workshop in community. Click below to give the game a try! Please note the game uses keyboard controls, so it must be played on a laptop or desktop.