Crew Blog: Apparel Design looking forward to Winter session

At the start and end of each workshop, we take breaths and center oureselves in the work we do together. We also open space to talk about whatever we’re feeling that day and discuss what’s happening in the program. 

Week one felt like a successful session with the youth. We worked on patching pieces of different fabric, either on other plain fabric for practice, or on something that someone could wear.

Week two work session was Combinations and Customizations, which means the youth can mix and match there projects, add accessories, paint, etc. 

Week three, the youth and I moved into working with shoes/sneakers. The options are endless when it comes to shoe/sneaker design and customization. This can involve paiting, paint pen designs, cutting and adding, glitter, etc. 

Week four, we worked on, either creating something new with pants, or finishing up on pants that were already started. At this point,w e began refining our thoughts on the Futureworlds esthetic. It was exciting to see so many new ideas from the youth in their work. 

Week five, we started working with shirts of all kinds. The youth also had the option to work on designs from the previous weeks. 

Apparel Design offers space for peer teaching and learning. We have some talent in the Visual + Media Arts crew that are willing to teach next session! Creating rugs, crochet, and tye die are all all in store!

–Trent Lee, Apparel Instructor